Frequently Asked Questions


General – booking

  • To book, send us an e-mail at contact@azoresonboard.com or a message trough our contact form with the dates of your interest. We will check the availability and get back to you with the different options and the next steps of the booking procedure.

  •  A deposit of 50% from the total amount is required when booking.

    ➤ In the case of partial payment, the payment of the remaining balance must be paid in full at the latest 1 month (30 days) before the boarding date.

    ➤ If the Customer fails to pay the amount owed by the stated deadline, AzoresOnBoard reserves the right to re-sale the reserved dates and retain the entire deposit(s) made. No refund will be made.

    ➤ The marinas and fuel fees will be paid by the Customer at the end of his stay in cash (if applicable).


    The payments are made trough bank transfer.


    Cancellation procedure: by e-mail at contact@azoresonboard.com

    The cancellation will be taken into account after the Customer has received an acknowledgement from AzoresOnBoard.

    Cancellation by the Customer(s)

    The cause of the cancellation does not matter and does not necessarily have to be communicated to AzoresOnBoard.

    • Cancellation more than 60 days prior to the boarding date : The Company reimburses 75% of the total amount of the Customer’s booking;

    • Cancellation between 31 and 59 days prior to the boarding date : The Company reimburses 50% of the total amount of the Customer’s booking;

    • Cancellation within 30 days prior to the boarding date : no reimbursement. The Company keeps the total amount of the Customer’s booking.

    Cancellation by AzoresOnBoard

    On the contrary, if in the event of unforeseeable and/or exceptional circumstances, AzoresOnBoard can’t have the sailboat Let’s Sea ready for weekly rental, we must contact the Customer and find an arrangement:

    • either find a sailboat of the same category,
    • either refund the total amount of the Customer’s booking made at AzoresOnBoard,
    • either postpone the execution of the Customer’s booking to a later date, at the same « season » (low or high), within 12 months.

    A booking made trough a Partner is first subject to the T&C of that Partner. AzoresOnBoard® can’t be held responsible for any fare difference and/or mistake in the booking.

    Please refer to our terms and conditions for updates.

    • Rental of the sailboat Let’s Sea
    • Skipper and crew fees
    • Marinas fees and taxes
    • Taxes
    • Entertainment equipment on board (snorkeling kit, paddle boards, etc.)
    • The dinghy and its outboard engine
    • Bed linens
    • 2 bath towels per person
    • 1 quick dry beach towel per person
    • Gas for cooking
    • Final cleaning at the end of your stay

    Our Prices

  • A deposit of 600€ in cash must be paid by you on the day of your boarding. It is intended to cover the costs related to damages made by any person of your group to the equipment on board. You will receive a confirmation receipt.

    Any damage related to the navigation or operation of the vessel – by or under the supervision of the crew – shall be covered by the company LET’C 45, Lda.

  • No. The only additional costs on board will be your food, beverages (and fuel depending of the type of cruise).
    Activities on land and other personal costs will be at your expenses.

  • Tipping, whether it is for local businesses or for the crew of Let’s Sea, is never mandatory. It just shows your appreciation for a well done job/service.

  • It is not mandatory but in you own interest we strongly do recommend it. In case you cancel your trip with AzoresOnBoard we will provide you with a proof of booking at AzoresOnBoard.

  • Yes, the company “Let’C 45, Lda.” has an insurance that has higher cover than the legal requirements dictated for the “Maritime-touristic” activities.


Practical info

  • Located in the Central group, Terceira airport is served by SATA (Azores Airlines), TAP air Portugal, Ryanair and Tui fly. Delta Airlines serves Ponta Delgada (island of São Miguel).
    The ferry operated by Atlantico-line connects Ponta Delgada (São Miguel) to Terceira during the summer season.


  • The airport of Terceira (TER) is located less than 10km from the marina. It will cost you maximum 10€ for a taxi ride. 

  • Yes there are ATM’s in the vicinity of the main marinas and at the airport.

  • The living costs are approximately the same than the ones on Portugal mainland, which means cheaper than countries like France, Germany, Belgium, the USA or Canada.

  • It all depends on what you order of course but to give you an idea count roughly 15€ per person in the more isolated restaurants and for more specific dishes or more busy restaurants, count +/- 25€ per person.


Your trip

  • No. We only offer sailing trips with crew.

  • We aim to be as flexible as possible but keep in mind that the nature and the weather being indomitable, and for obvious reasons of safety and confort, the itineraries will be first articulated around the geographical and meteorological conditions of the moment.

    Cabin cruise: pre-established itinerary.

    Private cruise: Depending on the duration of your stay, four cruising areas are available to you:

    • One week : central group
    • Two weeks A : central group + Eastern group
      Two weeks B : central group + Western group
    • Three weeks : the entire archipelago
  • Cabin cruise: from Monday 10.30 am until Sunday 10.00 am. 7 days/6 nights.

    Private cruise: From one day, a week-end, a few days, one week, a few weeks, a month or even several months, everything is possible!

  • Private cruise: To discuss.

    Cabin cruise: The boarding/check-in is done on Monday at 10.00am. The check-out must be done for 10am on the Sunday ending your rental.

  • We operate from the marina of Praia da Vitória on the island of Terceira. If you wish to start or finish on another island you need to first make a special request so we can check the feasibility. We will get back to you with the different options.

  • There is no wi-fi on board but because we mainly do coastal navigations you have phone reception and so 3G/4G is available.
    It is as well possible to buy pre-paid 3G/4G cards.

  • The Azores are located in an area tempered by the ocean, the climate is mild with slight temperature variations from one season to the other. In terms of rainfalls, they are particularly frequent during the winter months but become more rare and less abundant in the summer months: green landscapes are a certainty!

    With average temperatures of about 24°C (75.2°F), summers are pleasantly warm and sunnier than the rest of the year. During the winter, mercury oscillates around 12°C (53.6°F).

    For swimming, the water temperature can reach up to 24°C (75.2°F) during August and September. As for the more sensitive to the cold, no worries, we have neoprene wetsuits (teen and adult size) on board!

  • If you know you are sensible to motion sickness bring seasickness pills, patches or bracelets, etc. with you. In case, we usually as well have seasickness pills on board.

  • The sailboat is fully equipped and bed linens as well as bath/beach towels are provided so all you need to bring is your personal belongings.
    The weather is particularly changing here so dont forget your sun protections (cream, sun glasses, hat) but also a waterproof wind stopper in case it rains. 

  • If you wish to visit an island by land, there are car rental agencies on each island. Do not hesitate to ask us advices or if you want, we can arrange the reservation(s) for you. We will be happy to advice you the best spots to visit.

  • No. Even if we love them, no animals, small or big are allowed on board.

  • For the good of all it is kindly asked to respect the boat and to take care of it. It is a special environment that requires special attention. A sailboat is in constant motion so baskets and closets are available to store your belongings.

    During the stay, each passenger is responsible for the cleanliness of his cabin, his bathroom and his dishes. The crew will clean the common areas and the deck.
    At the end of your stay, a complete cleaning of the boat is included in the price.

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